Purpose and objectives of the Association

Extract from the statute of the Association of Parents Waldorf Community Brașov

ART. 5 Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association includes:

  • the promotion, implementation and development of alternative education, starting from the principles of Waldorf pedagogy and other fields, based on the principles developed by the philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner;
  • supporting and, as the case may be, establishment of activity centers, pre-school, school education units (nursery, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school) based on Waldorf pedagogy;
  • implementing children’s education in harmony with nature, the environment, protecting the environment and animals, establishment of spaces arranged as shelters for animals that allow the interaction and increase the empathy of children with animals;
  • children’s involvement in greening and material recycling activities, with a significant impact on the environment.

ART. 6 Objectives of the Association

The association has the following objectives:

1. Establishing or, as the case may be, supporting activity centers, pre-school, school education units (nursery, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school) based on Waldorf pedagogy;

2. Supporting the school and extracurricular activities of the educational units specified above;

3. Supporting the deepening and expansion of Waldorf pedagogy methods; preparation and training of association members and teaching staff from activity centers and established units, by fully or partially subsidizing the costs of studies or specializations in the country or abroad;

4. The organization and financing of symposiums with specific themes for Waldorf pedagogy, as well as participation through delegates in congresses, symposiums or other forms of participation organized in the country or abroad with full or partial support of the cost of travel and eventual participation fees;

5. Supporting and financing other units of other associations or foundations with similar objectives based on protocol or contract;

6. The construction and arrangement or, as the case may be, the financing of the construction and arrangement of own spaces for education and extracurricular activities based on Waldorf pedagogy;

7. Carrying out collaborative activities with other similar organizations or individuals from the country and abroad;

8. Organization and financing of camps for students or young people from the country and abroad with the aim of socialization, cultural exchanges or the protection of the environment and / or the protection of animals;

9. Participation in programs and projects with national or international funding as an initiator, as a partner or beneficiary;

10. Organization and financing of education programs, both in our own spaces and in collaboration with other institutions, regarding how Waldorf pedagogy promotes the protection of the environment and animals, ecotourism and the need for a life in harmony with nature;

11. Organization of children’s clubs or circles, organization of camps;

12. Organization of celebrations, shows, exhibitions and conferences in accordance with the goals of the association;

13. Publishing publications and multiplying didactic Waldorf specific material, editing and selling books, magazines, publications, as well as views, leaflets or other similar materials, with the aim of obtaining the necessary income for the association and promoting its image or the centers of activities and / or Waldorf education units;

14. The granting of support scholarships for the full or partial payment of educational fees in Waldorf educational institutions, based on an analysis of the situation by the Association’s management;

15. Promoting and supporting alternative education and non-formal education;

16. Organization and financing of trips, exchanges of experience nationally and internationally for students, teachers and members of the Association.

17. Organization of direct economic activities and other actions closely related to the purpose of the Association for obtaining funds for self-financing of the Association, such as the organization of sales exhibitions, production activity in its own or school workshops, the activity of selling own or purchased products, rental of the material base;

18. Establishment of trading companies for obtaining income.

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